Sales company name Prime Arcs Co., Ltd.
Managerial manager Yuko Fujimura
location 〒754-0002 Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi City, Ko-gun 2219 Land 22 Stone Maru Building 1st floor
phone number 083-902-0935
mail address
Sales URL https: //--
Payment method credit card
Other than the product price
Necessary amount
In the case of cash on delivery, cash on delivery fee
Cash on delivery fee: less than 10,000 yen ● A yen 30,000 yen less than 30,000 yen ● ¥ 30,000 yen ● A circle over 100,000 yen or more and 300,000 yen ● It is a circle.
Shipping: Honshu ● Yakushi Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido: ● Yen Okinawa: ● Correasillion island charges.
Sales volume ● From pieces
Application expiration date ● Thank you within the day.
● If there is no daily deposit, it will be canceled.
Product delivery time In the case of prepayment, if there is no designated date, it will be shipped within the business day.
In the case of cash on delivery, if there is no designated date, it will be shipped within the date of sales.
In the case of other payment methods, after ordering if there is no designated date ● We will ship within the date of sales.
If it is postpaid, please deposit within the date of arrival.
Product delivery method Delivery by shipping company after arrangement
About returned goods / defective products In the case of "defective product / our product mistake", we will be paid.
If you have an accident such as damage during delivery, please contact us.
Both shipping costs and fees will be sent to our burden immediately.

【Target of return】
In the case of "Defective product, our product mistake"

【Return time】
After purchase ● It will be refundable if you contact me within the day.

[Return method]
Please request a refund by email.
● We will transfer the purchase price to the specified account within the day.
Expression, and product
There are individual differences in the expression and reproducibility indicated in this product.
It does not necessarily guarantee profit and effect.